No employee with the Ottawa County Jail will call, advise you of someone being in jail, then ask for bond money.

For Emergencies Dial 911

Main: (918) 542-2806

28 B St SE
Miami, Ok 74354

Inmate Services

Ottawa County Jail

The Ottawa County Jail is located at 28 B St SE in Miami, Ok. To locate an inmate at the Jail, use the inmate search. You may also look on VINE to check the status of an inmate and their location.


Jail Administrator: Sheri Thurs

Assistant Jail Administrator: Debbie Cunningham

Inmate Visitation

Ottawa County Commissary through Tiger Commissary Services

Before scheduling visitation time with an inmate, please review our visitation rules.

Our facility provides remote visitation only during the hours of 7am - 10PM. No in-person visits. Visits are limited to 20 minute and may be restricted due to the misbehavior of the inmate or visitor or for the security of the detention center.

Schedule Video Visitation

All personal inmate visitation is through NCIC Inmate Communication Systems. Attorney and counsel visits are schedulled with the jail administrator.

Step One Create an Account on the NCIC website

Step Two Select Ottawa County Facility

Step Three Select Inmate

Step Four Choose the Date & Time for your visit

Add Money to an Inmate's Account:

There are two ways to add to an inmate's Communication Services

Option One Web Deposit which adds funds that can be used for all inmate services.

Option Two Purchase Directly which can only be used to purchase phone time or video time.

If you need help with an order or need support, use the Tiger Support Page.

Inmate Commissary

Inmates are not allowed to have items that are not provided by our commissary services. To purchase items or add to an inmate's commissary account visit Tiger Commissary and set up an account.

Ottawa County Commissary through Tiger Commissary Services

Web Deposits - Allows you to place money on an inmate's trust fund account. Make a Web Deposit >

Order Commissary - Allows you to order commissary and have it shipped to an inmate. Order Commissary >

Commissary orders must be completed by Tuesday morning before 10:00AM.

Money orders are not accepted. All money sent to an inmate can be safely and securely added through web deposits. Use your credit card or debit card from anywhere. If you would like to use cash or debit/credit card, you can use the Tiger kiosk in the lobby or online.

Money left in the commissary account when an inmate is released may be obtained only by the inmate, upon release.

Commissary orders received after Tuesday at 10 AM will be processed the following week.

Inmate Mail Policy

All incoming and outgoing mail must have First and Last name and full address of both the sender and the recipient on the envelope.

Inmate mail may be sent to:

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office
Inmate's Name
28 B St SE
Miami, Ok 74354

Inmates may also receive items sent from 3rd parties

Persons who have been incarcerated in this Jail will not be allowed to correspond with any inmate for a period of six months after their release date. If you wish to correspond with currently incarcerated inmates it must be approved by the Jail Administrator.

Normal mail rules still apply, and content violation may prevent delivery of the item to the inmate.

Prohibited material include:

Inmate Visitation Rules

Visitors must be at least 18 years of age or have their parent or legal guardian present.

Visitors must comply with the visitors dress code which will be as follows:

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office provides a kiosk that may be used for remote visitation with an inmate. The kiosk is available Monday - Thursday from 9Am - 5PM and Fridays from 9AM - 3PM.

Visitation Rules apply whether you are coming into the Sheriff's Office or using a provider's app. Video visitation is monitored except visits with inmate's attorney. Persons violating this dress code will not be allowed to visit. Inappropriate activity sexual or criminal in nature will result in termination of remote visitation, and the visitor may be banned from future visits.

Persons who have been incarcerated in this Jail will not be allowed to visit any inmate for a period of six months after their release date.

Ottawa County Registered Bondsmen

James Heyburn - 918-961-8927
Richard Maple - 918-542-7349
Brad Anderson - 918-636-2245
Janice Birdsong - 417-850-8370